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This is how we describe them. How we use them is according to your needs.


There’s a difference between income and wealth. We’ll help you turn one into the other.

Everyone has different income and expenses. For some people making some clever changes to control expenses can have a bigger impact than increasing income. Income and expenses both change over time, so it’s important to take a short, medium and long term view, and make sure your long term goals don’t leave you in trouble in the meantime. We’d like to talk about savings. You might like to borrow to invest in property or shares. It’s all about creating wealth.


The idea of investment is simple – turn less into more. After that, there’s a bit to consider.

You might think you don’t have investments, but most people have superannuation and or indirect investments like managed portfolios. Other people have direct investments like shares and deposits. Some of the big purchases you make in your life are investments, too. It’s important to think about investing now not just for returns later, but also in terms of how your finances are structured to affect your tax position and other relationships. It’s worth investing in a conversation.


Debt isn’t a bad thing. But it can be if you don’t manage it well.

There are so many types of debt and mortgages, we want you to have the right type for your assets and your circumstances. Debt can help you achieve your financial goals as well as your lifestyle goals. But you also need to make sure you manage the risks associated with it. It’s all about checks, balances and structures. We partner with Centrepoint Alliance Lending, who have access to a wide range of lenders, and we can get the right deal that best suits your needs. Let’s talk.

Centrepoint Alliance Lending, ABN 40 100 947 804 | ACL 377711.

Life Insurance

Life is full of what ifs. Having the right insurance can give you peace of mind now – and perhaps even more later.

Insurance is about managing risk, which we all have in different ways. We have personal risk – the risk of being injured and not being able to work, the risk of dying and leaving our family in financial hardship. Depending on your circumstances, you might need life insurance on your life, for disability, income protection, trauma or something else. You want to make sure you’re getting the right insurance for your circumstances at the right level and the right price.

Some of us have business risk. For example, what would happen if your business partner died and suddenly half your business was owned by someone who couldn’t work with you? Every business has different needs, so don’t get the wrong insurance for yours.


You don’t have to be ready for retirement to prepare for it. Quite the opposite.

Your superannuation is a major asset. Is it the right one? Does it need to be consolidated? You might like to manage your own. And what you do to prepare for retirement will be quite different depending on your stage of life. For example, if you’re young a little will go a long, long way. If you’re 50, you want to know how long you need to keep working for, and where you stand. If you’re 55-60, you might like to activate transition to retirement options and reap the tax rewards. After that, we know retirement is one of the top five causes of stress. That’s a stress we can help you with.

Estate Planning

The best thing you can do for the people you love is think ahead. Leave them a whole lot more than a headache.

Everybody has an estate, not just the rich. And estate planning isn’t just about a will. Every financial decision you make affects the long term and what you leave behind. You want to make sure it reaches the right people in the right time frame in the right condition. It matters even more if you’re not rich. Every financial decision you make affects your estate and insurance can have a huge impact.  Think about it.

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